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Shira Peltzman on The Signal

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Head over to The Signal to check out “Preserving Carnegie Hall’s Born-Digital Assets: An NDSR Project Update” by resident Shira Peltzman.

From Shira’s post: “The first several months of my project feel like they’ve flown by. There are days when I reflect on what I’ve accomplished in just under three months’ time and feel proud of my progress, and then there are other days when I’m humbled by how much there is still left to do. But overall, the project has been one of the greatest learning experiences I could have hoped for–and there’s still six months left to go.” 


Shira Peltzman at Carnegie Hall. Photo by Gino Francesconi.

The Signal is the digital preservation blog of the Library of Congress. Each NDSR-NY resident will serve as a guest contributor during their residency. In case you missed it, here’s the contribution by Vicky Steeves from November.