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Milestone moment for NYARC

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Just a quick programming note today to say that you can now catch up with the latest news from my web archive management project with the New York Art Resources Consortium (NYARC) over at the Library of Congress’s digital preservation blog, The Signal:

Web Archive Management at NYARC: An NDSR Project Update

The post quickly summarizes all of the motivation and work behind the first phase of my project, to determine capabilities and model a workable routine of web archival quality assurance (QA). The principal product of that work itself, an open documentation of those capabilities and procedures, is likewise now open to view:

NYARC Web Archiving Quality Assurance (QA) Guidelines and Procedures

I hope that partners in the web archiving community will review and adapt this model reference guide to their own specific needs. It remains, however, a work in progress, and one that I hope to update and improve throughout the remainder of my residency with the input of those community members.

Check out both of the above and let me know what you think!