Digital Archives Project: Throwback Thursday Edition

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Here at Carnegie Hall we’re in the midst of configuring and implementing Cortex, our new Digital Asset Management System. The past few weeks have been a particularly busy time for the Archives department, and given the number of tasks on my plate this week I wanted to keep today’s blog entry short and sweet.

For today’s post I thought I would share an infographic originally posted to Carnegie Hall’s blog a couple years ago in honor of Throwback Thursday (or “#tbt” in the Twitterverse). The infographic illustrates all of the historic material digitized during the Digital Archive Project’s first year. Beyond its eye-catching design, I find that looking at this infographic–whose numbers, albeit impressive, represent only a small portion of the Digital Archive Project’s scope overall–reminds me of what a significant undertaking this project is. I also find it to be a helpful reminder of the impact that the Digital Archives Project will have on our collections here at the Carnegie Hall Archives: once it is fully up and running, the DAMS will allow all of the materials represented below to be properly managed, making them more discoverable and better accessible both to Carnegie Hall staff and, eventually, the public at large.


Carnegie Hall Digital Archives Project: Year 1

Carnegie Hall Digital Archives Project By Numbers: Year 1