Web archivists meet in New York

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Photo by Lorena Ramirez-Lopez

Earlier this month, the Museum of Modern Art hosted the first meeting of the brand new Archive-It NY Partners group, a local network of library, archives, and museum professionals using the software service Archive-It to build their archives of web resources. That toolset is central to the work we do here at NYARC, so I was very happy to organize this meeting (with frequent and generous help from my mentor Sumitra Duncan) for our own and everyone’s benefit. It was a great chance to get to know one another and to begin discussion of the potential tweaks and developments that could make our work more effective. To get to know some of these partners and their collections yourself, head on over to my full recap on NYARC’s blog:

Web archiving happens here: NYARC hosts the first meeting of Archive-It NY

In the meantime, look forward to a report from this weekend’s Art Librarians Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) conference, where I’ll present my NDSR project among others featured at a great web archiving panel organized by Sumitra.