Projects 2014/15

Below are the selected host projects for the NDSR-NY 2014-2015 cohort. The proposals outline goals for the residents and the specific responsibilities required by each institution’s project.

American Museum of Natural History
Preservation of Scientific Research and Collection Datasets at the American Museum of Natural History

To obtain a broad overview of the extent and status of American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) digital assets pertaining to Science. A survey will be developed to measure and describe scientific digital assets resulting in a metric to predict ongoing data curation needs as a baseline to review options for long-term digital preservation. It will also identify existing practices and policies for integrated data access and management at the AMNH.

Final Report, NDSR Resident Vicky Steeves

Carnegie Hall
Carnegie Hall Digital Archives Project: Born-Digital Asset Management and Preservation Policies

To create and implement policies, procedures and best practices for Carnegie Hall’s Digital Archives Project, a multi-year initiative to preserve and digitize archival collections and manage born-digital assets by: 1) Developing policies and procedures for digital preservation; 2) Implementing best practices and workflows for creation and management of born-digital assets; 3) Configuring and testing the new Digital Asset Management System. This project will lay the foundation for the Carnegie Hall Archives to have the tools to manage, preserve and sustain the Digital Archives.

Final Report, NDSR Resident Shira Peltzman

Museum of Modern Art
Adapting Preservation Standards to Meet the Information Needs of Time-based Media Conservation

To use The Museum of Modern Art’s new digital repository as a test-bed for serving the information needs, documentation practices, and preservation standards of media conservation in a manner compliant with international digital preservation standards. The project aims to produce deliverables that document workflows for physical media carriers and metadata, content standards, application profiles, ontologies and controlled vocabularies for actionable use in MoMA’s digital repository. With this work, the repository and associated standards would be available for potential re-use by institutions stewarding similar collections.

Final Report, NDSR Resident Peggy Griesinger

New York Art Resources Consortium
Web Archive Management at the New York Art Resources Consortium (NYARC)

To develop policies and best practices to support the consortium’s web archive
collection. The Resident will master quality assurance (QA) protocols and interview interns, project staff, external web archivists, and Archive-It support specialists to compile an inventory of known QA issues and create an open, centralized online documentation of issues and procedures to support streamlined workflows. To identify seeds requiring capture by Hanzo Archives, which will be used as an on-demand service for sites that cannot be adequately captured by Archive-It. The Resident will craft metadata guidelines and input workflows for preservation metadata requirements for stewardship of web archive materials. The Resident will manage the DuraCloud implementation and produce written documentation to administer the WARC (Web ARChive) archive, noting reporting capabilities and task intervals.

Final Report, NDSR Resident Karl-Rainer Blumenthal

New York University Libraries
Access and Discovery of Born-Digital Archives

To assist in the planning and development of the tools, infrastructure, policies and
workflows it needs to make born-digital archival collections discoverable and accessible to scholarly research. To engage in a series of immersive studies that encompass the entire born-digital collections lifecycle. To research and assess how virtualized environments and emulated computer systems can be integrated into public service workflows. The resident will work closely with staff from the Fales Library and Special Collections to determine how it’s students researchers and scholars needs can be better served in the future, both onsite and remotely.

Final Report, NDSR Resident Julia Kim