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Julia Kim on The Signal

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In case you missed it, here’s Julia’s recent post to The Signal, “Creating Workflows for Born-Digital Collections: An NDSR Project Update”.

As Julia says, “My residency is very broad; I am tasked with investigating and implementing workflows that encompass the entirety of the born-digital process, from accession to access. This means that while I spent a month learning digital forensics techniques, I have also researched and implemented workflow steps that occur before acquisition and after ingest. Rather than signing off when the bits have been checked, duplicated and dispersed in multiple locations to long-term storage, I’ve also focused on access. In the past five months, I’ve worked on many collections. Such depth and breadth has been crucial. Time and again, I’ve been challenged to revise and refine my sense of the workflow.” 

Emulation in Action at NYU’s Digital Forensics Laboratory.

Emulation in Action at NYU’s Digital Forensics Laboratory.








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